Monday, 4 May 2015

Best And Worst Logies Fashion

Demi Harman
OMG i am sorry but this was the dress of the night she looked amazing the hair makeup styling everything i loved everything about this , she deserved best dressed !

                                                                    Asher Keddie 
                                                                      Love this !

Carrie Bickmore 
I mean this lady can do no wrong in my opinion two years in a row that i have adore her dresses but this one by far takes the cake ! 

                                                                     Dannii Minogue
                                            i like the dress but i feel she could of done so much better !

                                                                    Dider Cohen 
                   so classy i love this suit on him the classic black and white was amazing to see on the carpet

love this 

                                                        adore the colour of this dress so elegant

Jennifer Hawkins 
Amazing i feel like this low cut dress was what everyone was wearing i love to see the different ranges of this dress

                                                                  Julia Morris 
                                                          babe you can do soooo much better !
i was a little disappointed !

                                                              love this colour

                                                                  Megan Gale WOW !

Shelley Craft 
i felt like red black and white are the major looks of any awards season but it takes an amazing lady like shelly to wear it right

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Meeting Kate Waterhouse !

                      A Night With Kate Waterhouse.

A  little run down for those of you who haven't heard of kate . Kate Waterhouse is a fashion blogger for and a jouralnist for Sydney Hearld Newspaper .

Last night i had the pleasure to be one of the lucky few to experience this amazing event held by westfield parramatta promoting their upcoming autumn winter collection for 2015. 

as an  aspiring fashion blogger i thought this was amazing opportunity for me to learn more about fashion and meeting one of my role models .  

The interior for this event was amazing . so white i loved it and the flowers we a great piece 

So Let's Begin ! 

                                                                    The 70's trend 
2 things that are making a comeback are the 70's . the poncho and flare jeans i  love that the stylist for all of these outfits kelly smythe put together this look . the two things of this look that i love is the floppy fedora and the poncho. 

                                                          Metallica's and leather 

not much to say about this look i absolutely how they have teamed the leather with the metallics the leather skirt i feel is a must have in the autumn winter season , seeing as you can wear it however you want. either to the office or to cocktails , this is just a great piece to have this season . also the military green is a staple to have this season as well i saw a lot of this on the runway last night  

                                                               Men's  autumn winter . 
It' s all about layers , even though we don't get new york weather her in sydney it still tends to get a little cold , i am sucker for men's winter fashion and i feel like both of these looks were put together strongly and you can't go wrong with either of these ! 

                                                                          Coats ! 
I feel like if you are going to buy a coat invest in one that is going to last you a while and through a few seasons . i know you might think $100- $200 is a bit too much for a coat but if you find one you love buy it because it is a great thing to have in your wardrobe !  
also i am a big big lover of these lace up heels/boots as well i think they are amazing ! and i am probably going to send myself broke but they  are so cute and will probably go with anything but i feel boyfriend jeans and these shoes will go well together ! 

and finally meeting Kate  she is such a nice soul and so down to earth , so much information and words of wisdom in how i can improve on being a blogger. i can not thank her enough for all the kind helpful words she gave me last night . i love this lady 

                                                                      thanks chickens x 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

10 Wardrobe Staples - thanks to Kate Waterhouse

1. A leather jacket
 I think it’s the kind of wardrobe staple that you’ll have for a lifetime. It can be dressed up or dressed down and the older and more worn it gets the better it looks. You can get all different styles but I’d go for a simple biker jacket, something that’s really clean and classic – you don’t want to get too tricky with too many studs or buckles as it will date very quickly. Once you’ve found the perfect jacket you’ll wonder how you lived without it as it’s the kind of piece that can be worn with a cocktail dress just as easily with jeans.
2. A black tailored blazer
. It’s a multipurpose staple. When it comes to blazers, tailoring is key. It really has to suit your frame. I like a bold shoulder and a nipped in waist, I don’t like it too boxy. I think a tailored blazer can really accentuate your figure. If you find a blazer that isn’t quite right but you love you can always get it tailored to fit you perfectly.
3. A great statement bag
 I just keep the same bag day in and day out so it’s important to get a classic style that won’t date. I don’t think a bag needs to be designer to be great. Just look for good quality leather – something that’s durable but if I want it to look a little more elegant with a dress it’s got handles so I can wear it on my arm. I opt for black but you can go for tan or beige and even grey, just as long as it’s a neutral colour that can work with pretty much all your wardrobe. If you’re just getting one bag I wouldn’t go for a pop colour as it’s too hard to match with everything.
4. A clutch
You can’t use your day bag for all attire as a big bag doesn’t generally work for cocktail events so a great clutch is important. It doesn’t have to be expensive but just a smaller bag that you can put your wallet and keys into and can be worn back with different items and looks a little more elegant than your usual day bag. When it comes to colours stick to neutrals as it’s more versatile and keep it simple – you don’t want something that’s got too much detailing or it will date easily.
5. A great pair of jeans
A great pair of jeans doesn’t have to be expensive but you really need to take the time to make sure they fit right. I have trouble finding jeans because they’re always tight around my hips but loose around my ankles so when I do find a great pair I make sure to snap them up. At the moment I have a really great pair of ASOS jeans that didn’t cost me a heap but I spent the time trying to find them. You don’t need to invest a lot of money but you do need to invest the time to find them. If you’re like me and are in jeans all the time, try and get good quality denim because you don’t want them to be too baggy once you’ve worn them a couple of times. Jeans obviously come in different washes so choose the most flattering for you. I can’t go past faded denim or a white pair of jeans.
6. Black pumps
I think pumps can be worn for so many occasions. They’re just your go-to safety shoe – if all else fails you’ve always got a black pair of pumps. I love a pointy toe pump in either patent or suede. If you do get suede make sure you waterproof them as you don’t want them getting ruined in bad weather.
7. Ankle boots
Ankle boots are a must for winter. Once you find a great pair you’ll have them for years to come. I still have a pair of YSL boots that I’ve had for many years and I bring them out every winter. If you want your boots to be an everyday shoe it’s important to make sure they’re comfortable. For me,  I like a bit of height so I opt for a platform heel which always helps with comfort. Walking around all day long in really high boots is not the best!
8. Leather pants
You don’t have to spend a fortune on leather pants but you do have to find a leather that won’t give. It’s about investing the time to finding one that won’t stretch after the first time you wear it. A skinny leg leather pant is my go-to item in winter and I think they’re great for travelling as they’re so comfortable. I find Helmut Lang does some great leather pants, so does Scanlan Theodore and ASOS. You can find a pair that fits into your budget but the most important thing is finding the right shape and a great fit.
9. White t-shirts
Granted they don’t last forever but it is important to find a great white tee. I wear white t-shirts with everything whether it’s to the office or just to the beach or with a skirt.
10. A great coat
Make it your mission to find one really great winter coat that you can throw on over everything. I like my coats in neutral colours but a statement coat in a pop colour is also fun. Just choose something that works back with your wardrobe. I’m a big fan of a tailored coat but a big oversized coat can look fantastic as well. If you are going to go oversized keep everything else you’re wearing slimline.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Harper and Harley for Tony Bianco

i am sorry but sara donaldson has to be my biggest inspiration blogging a fashion wise
i could not be happier for her getting a amazing opportunity to collaborate with tony bianco
this is a very belated post harper and harley have had these shoes out for a while but they are a timeless shoe !

i adore this photo of  her !

tayla maree xx 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Hermes On The Beach

                Sara Donaldson's version of

Hermes On The Beach

The Oscars !

so i was stuck at work yesterday , and the only scoop of the oscars i got was an hours worth on my lunch break ! but i still managed to have a handful of my fave looks

                                                                        Lady Gaga

i love everything she wears !


I Love the way he looks at her 

                                                                 I bloody love this girl